Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday - On Plot - 4 0f 8 points to remember

When I started this look at the eight points I decided to break it into 2 segments for ease of reading. Hope what is here will make you think as you write and plan your stories.

1. Tension - Tension is created by providing a reason for your protagonist ( heor or heroine) to want to reach for a goal. This reason may be triggered by an action or a reaction to something said or done by the protagonist (may be the villain but not necessarily).The role of the protagonist depends on the kind of story you're writing.

2 Opposition - This is how the antagonist tries to upset the plans of the protagonist. The opposition can be active or passive and for the antagonist must have their own tension point.

3. The tension must escalate. The reason becomes deeper and the conflict gains an intensity that takes it beyond the opening reason by action and reaction.

4. Change - One or many of the characters should be brought to a point of change. There needs to be a decision that makes the person or persons different from what they were. The journey to this change point is important. To make the point abrupt will make the story fall flat.

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Janice Seagraves said...

I like your points and they make a lot of sense.