Monday, November 28, 2011

28 November - Week ahead and week behind, contest, peeve

Once again I'll post the contest rules. They're simple. Starting on December 1st one copy of each of the books listed yesterday will be given away. If more than one person selects a particular book another one will be substituted. Th enter.
1. Visit the blog.
2. Leave a comment with how to reach you - email is enough.
3. If one of the books tickles your fance, mention it.
4. A drawing will be held each day of the contest until the last of the 27 books are awarded.
5. Books will be sent to US and Canadian posters.

Been doing a lot of reading about how people are protesting the legislation about the internet. What really puzzles me, is How does putting limits on what people can post interfere with "freedom of speech." Is stealing the intellectual property of others really freedom of speech? Doesn't seem that way to me. Theft is theft and especially when some of these people borrowing the works of others make money doing this. If someone can explain to me how someone taking the stories, songs, movies, under a person's copyright isn't theft but freedom of speech,I'll listen. Don't think its' possible.

Last week was fairly productive even with several days off for a short Thanksgiving trip. Am now 80% done with The Chosen of Horu. Will continue to work on it this week. Can't wait to finish and move forward. Soon be time to set goals for next year. I always have goals and I try to make them ones that I can overcome and go beyond.

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ReneeRearden said...


What a fantastic way to reward your readers. Thanks for the giveaway! We're already at December 1 tomorrow...

I'm loving the blurbs for Healwoman Dark Moon, Mistress of the Moons, The Temple of Fyre and The Dragons of Fyre!!!