Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday - 4 more plot points to remember

Back again, finishing up the plot points to remember from last week.

5. Reemmber that plot is the road map to the story's end. If a character decides to take a side trip and runs with an idea make sure the diversion advances the plot or defines the character. If not take it out. Too many side trips will lessen the tension.

6. Remember this word - Reason and repeat it as you write. Don't shove the important items in the reader's face. Use a laid-back technique. Be casual until you need to be direct.

7. Forget the god in the machine or a concindental happening. This is a real life event but not in fiction. If your character is going to overhear something important make sure liestening to others is part of their nature and not something stumbled on.

8. Don't wimp out during the climax of your story. Have the hero or heroine stand in the center of the action and be the direct focus of the event. This character must act rather than be acted upon or just react.

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Taryn Kincaid said...

Now...if I only could remember what 1-4 were.