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Thursday's Interview - Susanne Knight


1. What's your genre or do you write in more than one?

My writing covers a wide spectrum in the romance genre-- paranormal, contemporary, mystery, ghost, Regency, time-travel, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy. I have to say, truthfully, I adore them all! And I love to blend genres, thereby giving my novels an extra little twist!

2. Did you choose your genre or did it choose you?

I’m a self-confessed incurable romantic. When I was growing up, the one thing I thought that was missing in most novels I read (science fiction, mystery, suspense) was romance--romance wasn’t heavily emphasized. I started writing so that I could remedy this by adding my own special dash of “happily ever after” and thereby created my Romance Writing with a Twist!

3. Is there any genre you'd like to try? Or is there one you wouldn't?

There are quite of few more genres out there, and I’ve started thinking about writing a western. That’s a completely new field for me! I’d also like to try my hand at a romantic comedy. For right now though, I've got my hands full with writing in the genres that I specialize in. As for a genre I wouldn’t try, I really can’t say. Anything with an interesting hook can beckon me to write its story. :))

4. What fiction do you read for pleasure?

I enjoy reading the genres of fiction that I write. I can never get enough Regency, mystery, science fiction, etc. To keep a balance, though, I also like to read non-fiction books, especially biographies, self-help, and history. One of my goals for 2012 is to read more. It’s a relaxing way to end the day.

5. Tell me a bit about yourself and how long you've been writing,

This incurable romantic has been writing 25 years, with my first novel published in 1999. I’m the author of 30 books, one anthology, and several short stories. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful husband and a darling daughter. Originally from New York City, I’ve lived in Florida, Alabama, Montana, Okinawa, and have now put down roots in the Pacific Northwest. Quite the wanderlust in my soul, however there’s a lot to be said for settling down. :))

6. Which of your characters is your favorite?

For my favorite female character, I’ll pick Lexia Cappello from EPPIE Finalist for Best Historical Romance THE CONTRARY CONTESSA (Can the tradition of “Fortuna” convince an obstinate English lord that he is meant to marry his Sicilian “stepsister”?) She is the one heroine most unlike me. I truly enjoyed “living” in her world. What a saucy minx! This Regency is flavored with Sicilian cooking, giving it a special little twist.

Also, I have to mention Sophia (Sam) McLaren, from science fiction Preditors and Editors winner and EPPIE Finalist for Best Fantasy/Paranormal/Science Fiction Romance JANUS IS A TWO-HEADED GOD (What happens when the Human leader at Milky Way’s core must deal with a headstrong female from the despised planet Earth?) Sam is extremely devoted to her sick brother, a quality I find very admirable. I had fun with her intergalactic journey to the fabled center of the galaxy.

As for a favorite male character, I’m in love with all my heroes! How can I possibly choose? ;-)

7. Are there villains in your books and how were they created?

Oh yes! Where there is good, there must be evil! Even if the evil is only the office bully. As with any character, a great deal of thought has to be done to bring a villain to life. To be believable, he or she has to have at least one redeeming quality, otherwise what results is a cardboard figure. For example, in my best-selling, paranormal romantic suspense, GRAVE FUTURE, (An innocent tourist is stranded in an isolated cabin with a hostile stranger, an eerie fireplace, and a Shakespeare-quoting ghost.) Perry Lyman is the worst kind of human being, but his saving grace is that he loves his dog.

8. What are you working on now?

Hmmn, right now I’m juggling several projects. Coming this month is the re-release of the popular time-travel Regency, LORD DARVER’S MATCH. (What happens when a modern woman’s wish for a happy marriage lands her back in time, in bed with a handsome nobleman?) Look for it at

In December comes the next book in my Minx Tobin Murder Mystery Series published by Desert Breeze Publishing, THE YULETIDE YORKSHIRE--Case 5. (Minx finds something unexpected under the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, it wasn’t something left by Santa.)

Then in February, another re-release, EPIC Award Finalist, THE MAGIC TOKEN, (An old woman gives skeptical Amanda a magic coin. It couldn’t possibly work, but how else can she explain her sudden good fortune?) to be available at Uncial Press.

And for my work-in-progress, I’m working on the sixth case for Minx Tobin: THE EMBEZZLED ENVELOPE.

9. What's your latest series release and how did the idea arrive?

My latest series release is Minx Tobin’s THE VIRTUAL VALENTINE--Case 4, Desert Breeze Publishing. (An online serial dater turns out to be a serial killer. But when Death claims this murderer, why is Minx also in danger?) As for the idea, writing a series had been on my list for a while. I do enjoy mysteries with romance mixed in, so I thought why not have a romance develop along with solving a murder in each book?

Who is Minx Tobin, you ask? Minx is a fitness instructor newly relocated to Los Angeles, California, who has a knack for solving puzzles--puzzles concerning dead bodies. For fun, romance, and... unexpected corpses, follow her adventures in this murder mystery series!

10. Tell me about your latest book and how it came about. Enclose a scene from the book.

My latest book is UNCOVERING CAMELOT, a fantasy romance, available at Here is the link for the book trailer:

I had wanted to write something about King Arthur and Camelot for a long time. When I learned there was a Stonehenge Memorial in Washington State, well, that sealed the deal for me! Here’s the blurb, along with an excerpt.

A VACATION RUINED--Heather Woods suddenly learns her boyfriend, Connor, cancelled their summer plans. Determined to forget about him, she visits her flaky godmother, Nerissa, instead, for an impromptu vacation. Nerissa insists that Heather has a healing gift, something Heather doesn’t believe. But when she experiences visions... hallucinations... or whatever her jaunts back to Camelot are, she fears for her sanity. Meeting a man that might actually be Merlin the magician, and his very attractive nephew, Matthew, convince Heather that she’s in the middle of a strange, metaphysical phenomenon.

A VACATION CHANGED--Judge Matthew Limner also finds his vacation plans changed. He receives a call from a long-lost Uncle Mallory--so long-lost that he hadn’t even known Mallory existed. Mallory flies in from London, and expects to go sightseeing with Matthew. Resigned, Matthew plays the host. First stop: the Stonehenge Memorial in southern Washington. A chance encounter--or is it?--with Nerissa and Heather convince Matthew that something much more than coincidence is happening in this tiny corner of the world.


After just experiencing a vision featuring Merlin the Magician, Heather Woods can’t believe her eyes when a man resembling Merlin introduces himself to her and her godmother, Nerissa. He calls himself Mallory Limner, and also introduces his nephew, Matthew.


Nerissa clapped her hands, which caused her many bracelets to jingle from the movement. “I have an excellent idea. Why don’t we explore the monument with our new friends?”

Heather stared at her godmother. Friends?

“I’m certain Mallory can give us his prospective on the true Stonehenge,” Nerissa continued.

You can’t possibly be serious.

But Nerissa was serious. She kept fondling her beaded necklace, along with wetting her lips and darting glances at Mallory. Preening gestures.

Heather sighed. How Nerissa could be sexually interested in a man as old as Mallory was beyond her. Different strokes for different folks, obviously. But if this was important to her godmother, then she really should acquiesce.

She shrugged. “Sure. We’ll explore. Why not?”

Mallory didn’t waste time. He extended his arm to Nerissa. “Come, my lady. Let us peruse these sacred stones while I regale you with tales of the Druids.”

Off the two of them went, leaving Heather in the dust. But that was just as well. Being in that man’s company set her teeth on edge. Since she usually was so easygoing, it was hard to reconcile her abnormal behavior.

She flipped back hair. Perhaps it was she who should be sent to the time-out corner.

Turning to go back to the lawn chair and her sketchpad, she was stopped by a touch on her arm.

“I believe the idea is that you and I pair up as well.” Matthew Limner gazed down at her, looking less green than he had before. “Just for the duration of this visit, of course. Unless you have other plans?”

She flushed. She’d forgotten about him. Although on any other day, that would’ve been extremely difficult to do. Square-jawed, dark wavy hair, and peek-a-boo dimples, he was a very handsome man. From her height, she had an excellent view of his prominent Adam’s apple.

Her preferences in men were California types, though. Athletic, blond, devil-may-care. Like Connor, and that man she’d met yesterday--one of Nerissa’s new clients. A man with shoulder pain--Desmond Redmord. He certainly had been of the finger-licking-good variety.

If she’d been interested to taste. Right now, she wasn’t--not tasting any man.

And Matthew? She looked him up and down. There was something stuffy about him. Something patronizing. Something that made her stomach churn.

“Look, I’m not interested in--”

“In being polite?” He shifted his gaze away from her, and instead, concentrated on the ring of heavy blocks resting on top of the solid ones.

He was right. She was being rude. She had no call to take her anger out on him--a stranger.

“I’m sorry. Really. This has been quite a bizarre day. Actually it’s been a strange few days.”

Taking a technique she used on her students when they got into arguments, she took a deep breath, released it, then held out her hand. “Let’s start over. Hello, I’m Heather Woods.”

His gaze flickered over her. Then he smiled briefly, which dimpled his cheeks. “Nice to meet you, Heather. I’m Matthew. Matthew Limner.” He stressed his last name.

She grinned back. “Yeah, sorry. I was an ass about it, wasn’t I?”

He strolled forward at a leisurely pace, walking around the inside of the concrete slabs. “I wouldn’t phrase it in those words, Heather.”

Following alongside him, she walked in the shade. “No, I didn’t think you would.”


Thank you so much, Janet, for this wonderful chance to connect with your readers!


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Thanks so much for having me on your blog today, Janet!

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Great interview, I also consider myself an incurable romantic :) Although, to be honest, I've never tried to cure myself, LOL