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Saturday's Blurbs feature Books by Adam Mann #MFRWAuthor #Romance #Asia #Africa

Love in the Air – blurb

Two passengers find some common ground on a flight to Taipei.
Charlie meets Sue-ling on trans-Pacific flight to Taipei after flight delays due to bad weather, and then further delays mean a long stop-over in the transit area at the airport.
Charlie decides to stay at the Airport Hotel where he can get a shower and rest a bit, and is helped by Sue-ling who joins him as she too is delayed by the weather. 
Their in-flight conversation becomes more than friendly, as they have to wait for their flight connections, and a mix-up in the hotel bathroom exposes more than just her skin as their relationship develops.

Travelling problems, development issues, attractive ladies, Asian concerns, flight delays, romance
Pages: 76

ISBN: 9781370610471

Love in the Boondocks – a novel by Adam Mann.

Kim has just been divorced by an uncaring husband who was more interested in her money than herself.  She finds work as a Primary School teacher in several remote villages, where she meets Dave who is working with farmer families in some of the same villages.  She finds him attractive and “sets her cap” at him.
Fortunately she speaks English so she manages to meet Dave in several locations before meeting him one evening in his small cottage, on the pretext of getting a lift to a village.
You, the reader, will have to find out what happens next…

The word originated as military slang used by American soldiers engaging guerrillas in the Philippines before World War II, from Tagalog bundok, mountain, from Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *bunduk, elevated ground.  The word has since been used by many others to denote a remote and wild area in any country.

Available from Smashwords and/or Amazon KDP.

Twitter handles: @adammannauthor

ISBN:  9781370875634
Date:  16 Nov 2016.
73 pages on Amazon
 Words on Smashwords 21,210
Romance, seduction, explicit sex, success

Love in the Rain –

Nobody loves like an Irishman!

By a sheer stroke of bad luck Henry gets caught in a tropical storm whilst he’s swimming in the sea.  He sensibly gets out of the water and finds shelter in a beach house, and a few moments later is joined by an equally sodden rain drenched lady.
Felicity is cold and wet and she has nothing dry to wear so she asks Henry to hold her so that they can both benefit from their body warmth until the rain subsides.
The story is set in South East Asia, and culminates in modern day Singapore, but the short note above is only the start of a very long story…


Romance, Passion, Sex, Interracial love, Asian ladies, Irish man,
Pages:  71

Short Blurb:

Getting wet and cold in the rain results in two people warming to one another together!

ISBN:  9781370130917

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