Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wednesday's Writer's Tips - Series Types Continued #MFRWauthor

There are 2 other types of series. The first one I found made me wonder if the books are really a series These are ones based on a premise or a plot.  These series may or may not be written by the same person. I'm still kind of skeptical, but in Writing the Fiction they are classified as being series. Sometimes there are artifacts involved. Other times these are a specific kind of story like medical suspense. The characters are different in each story and usually the setting. What connects the story is the plot.

Then there is the series based on a setting.  There is often a town, a country, even a world where different characters live out different lives and many times they have very different types of stories. One could be a mystery, a second about ghosts. Often there are two books using the same characters or even trilogies or more that occur among the other stories taking place on that world.

The one thing to remember is when you're choosing the kind of series you are writing that the types can be combined in the same story but one of the elements is stronger than the others.

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