Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Series - More on Katherine Miller's Adventures - The Midas Murders #MFRWauthor

After the murder at the church, Katherine feels a bit of guilt and happily accepts her friend Lars' invitation to visit him in Santa Fe. He is winding down his business and is recovering from the death of his daughter-in-law. On her arrival, she rents a car and drives to Santa Fe. But Lars isn't there and no one knows where he can be found. She waits with his son and granddaughter for a time and finally goes to bed. The phone rings and she answers. It's Lars. After calling a cab, she goes to the hospital to bring him home. He has no idea what has happened.

Thus begins the development of the romance that will end in book 5. Part of the reason I chose Santa Fe for an escape for Katherine was a visit I made. A week there was wonderful. The scenery and the food were such a fun experience.

For Katherine this is a turning point in her life. At sixty-five, she's ready not to be alone and Lars has been her friend for years. Only his daughter, his youngest child kept them from marrying when both their spouses died. Solving who wanted Lars dead and who wanted him to vanish brings the pair to realize there can be a future for them.

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