Monday, July 21, 2014

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor

Meander 1 - Editing. The weekend was spend in edit heaven or hell. @ books of my own to go through and check for errors. One is completely finished. The other needs a final sweep through. The third book was for a friend, a newly published author and the story is great. The one thing I found here was the constant addressing of a character's name in the story. How are you doing, Harry?" I'm fine, Mary." That sort of thing becomes wearing after a time, especially when there are two people in the room and forgetting to use a comma before the name also can be annoying but something I've noticed in other works by diverse authors. Another thing was a use that's common now so I didn't correct it. That's the use of alright instead of all right. To me they mean different things, But once again, this is becoming common usage.

Meander 2 - My evenings are usually spent watching a bit of TV, mostly crime shows. I have little tolerance for TV comedies since I seldom find them funny. Mostly they bore me. There were go to channels that avoided this and I could watch re-runs of my favorite shows but they've fallen victim to comedies that don't seem funny to me. Or reality type shows that leave me cold though I will admit to looking in on food shows during commercials. I don't like commercials.

Meander 3 - Having spent so much time editing my WIP has fallen off the grid for a bit. I want to type in the rest of the chapters before I start this next to last draft where there's a good deal of re-writing. Not sure that will happen. I'm plotting out a new story for the Cancer heroine series but this one may be longer than the other ones. But I think it will be a better, stronger story. We will see.

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