Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - More on Series - Story and Series #MFRWauthor

Having seen one needs maps to plan their series and also to plan each book, how does one go about this? I've heard about Story Arcs and I'm not sure I really understand what these are. There is also talk about Series Arcs. Again I've never quite figured this out.

When writing a story, there are steps along the way that must be there to make the story a cohesive one. For a story I've always looked at what is called an arc and try to decide what goes where. There are a number of elements that make a story. The character or characters have a goal of place they want to reach. In reaching this place, there should be obstacles that must be overcome. I've always planned my stories in this fashion. Plot is always important to me. Character is important. But I don't know my characters until I've seen them in action.

The opening of a story introduces the reader to the characters establishes their end goal. Then comes the middle this is where they must face opposition, there must be problems to face and dilemmas to solve, all leading up to a moment of decision. This is a high point in the story. Once the character or characters have faced the need for this decision, and made the decision, the story comes to an end. But if you're writing a series, especially those with the same character you need to plant the hook for the next book.

Each series is different since there are so many kinds of series. So a series arc or map would be different from one for each story. But let's go back to the story and how you can make it into a series. There can be an unsolved subplot. A character or characters whose story needs to be told can be introduced. The initial problem can be solved but there is an over all kind of problem to be solved. Or there could be nothing at the end of one story to lead to the next story - the series depends on the major character and a new adventure.

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