Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday's Inspiration - A Story Is... #MFRWauthor

This will be the last one on this theme since I've reached the end of the book. Next week I'm sure there will be another way I've found to inspire me and hopefully you.

"A story is a larger life, created and shared  with others by a writer." Each story we write takes place in a world we create. The world may be the one we life in, a time in the past or the future, or a fantasy world. A story is the product of the writer's imagination but is also a product of who they are.

Every person in the stories you create to share with others carries a bit of yourself and also parts of people you know or ones you've watched. The road they follow through the story are invented to share with others. Honing the imagination keeps the writer's inventive people and places new even if they're the world you life in.

I have friends who say they only write contemporary stories and that they're true to the world. They are and they aren't. The trigger can be an event that has taken place in the world of reality but what is done with this idea changes that reality. So be inspired by what's happening around you and take the things you've observed into the past, the future or a fantasy world.

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