Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday - My Series - Katherine Miller Mysteries #MFRWauthor

The second book in the Katherine Miller series of cozy mysteries is Requiem Murder. The story was inspired by the church I attended and the choir loft where the organ bench was even with the railing at the edge. A bit of my old fear of heights came to play here as well. There was a wooden guard rail that extended the height of the railing but the organist removed this because it confined him. Suddenly I had the murder site and then it was on to find who was killed and why.

The first story in this series was more a when story. When was someone going to kill Rachel? This story became who was going to be killed? And who was going to be accused? Once again, exploring the dynamics of the people involved. Some of the old characters returned. Katherine's family, a neighbor who had grown up to become a police officer and of course Robespierre.

This story has a most unique murder weapon. Not going to tell you since the book must be read to learn. But Katherine has a frightening moment or two in the book.

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