Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday's Inspiration - A Story Is... #MFRWauthor

"A story is the triumph of ego over fear of failure."  Exactly what does this mean to you? How many stories would never have been published without the author's confidence in what they've written. Even the stories we feel are poorly written that are published are because someone's ego pushes then to create the story and to see it hit the world in some kind of fashion.

There are many ways for a story to be seen and read by others. It does take guts to put the words one has written out for the public to see. And sometimes a writer's ego is bigger than the story they publish. These days, anyone can publish a book and say they are an author. But the proof is in what happens after the story is out there for people to buy.

I rather look on the other side. There are people who don't fear failure but fear success. They imagine their life falling apart if what they write is a success. Then worry about what other people will think of them and judge them by what their imagination had produced. They may even find a publisher to purchase their story, but they do nothing to help them along. And on the other side of the equation is the writer whose ego is so big they know the book they publish is wonderful and they push their story at everyone.

What the quote means to me is that the story needs a writer who knows the markets, listens to critiques of others and who learns and grows as they take the journey to become a published author.

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