Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday's Inspiration -William Carlos Williams #MFRWauthor

Today's quote always makes me smile. A long time ago, a writer friend gave this to me as a small Christmas gift. Our critique group at that time tried to do things we needn't spend much on. That still holds with a limit. So here's the quote.

"I think of writing as a disease. You can't stop it." Once the writing virus invades, writing is something that must be done. Now, maybe this isn't so for some writers. There are those who write one book and never write another. There are some who write the same book over and over again. There are people who think about writing a book and never do. And there are closet writers who never let anyone know they are writing.

What about you? Has the disease of writing made you think you might like to do this? Now there are many things that go into becoming a writer. Some of these things aren't necessarily fun. You have to put your work out there for people to read. You need to send it to an editor. You have to grow a thick skin when reviewers say things you'd rather not hear. Or those people who you thought were your friends make comments about what you've written.

The thing about the disease of writing is how severe is your case. The only cure is to stop writing. What fun would that be?


Judy Baker said...

Never thought of my writing as a disease, but now that you mention it - maybe so - I can't seem to stop!!!!

Judy Baker said...

OR, maybe it's an addiction?

Juliet Waldron said...

Janet--definitely a little of both--addiction and disease. For me, it's serving a Muse who can be quite demanding.

Nice post--and fond memories of writer's groups past, too...