Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday - My Series Affinities - Havens - Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor

Havens is the second book in the series and this time a new view point character is added because there are friends from the city who need rescued. The story starts with four of the main characters traveling through a winter world to find a haven with the grandmother of Zand who learned he must die to save his life. The four Ash, Ky, Jay and Bran finally find a place where they are safe and can learn how to use their affinities.

Back in the city, Zand sees his step-mother and her sons sent from the city relieving him of one of the groups seeking his life. But Dom Senet the major villain remains a threat to Zand. The way to make it appear he has died arises and he joins the four after a healing that prevents the very threatening death.

But the friends they left in the city are under threat. One of the street children turns on her rescuer through jealousy over not having an affinity and a feeling of love. Val and Geni now need rescued from the city. The four and Zand return to the city. But the rescue causes them to seek another haven. And during this time them learn about a group of four with affinities who have been corrupted by Dom Senet.

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