Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Series - Affinities _ Confrontation #MFRWauthor

The final book in the Affinities Series shows the characters having control of their powers. They must face all of their enemies in this segment of the story. I did find it hard, not to write the ending, but to say goodbye to this group of young people. The groupings ehre are the same yet different, showing how each of the four affinities has to face a challenge.

They must defeat not only the four who have talents like theirs and are banded together, but Dom Senet and He Who Walks With Evil. There are also those doms and domas who have been corrupted by Dom Senet. They must also see that those who should be the heirs to the rulers of the four princedoms are able to take their places.

Finding all the loose ends is a must in writing the final book of a series and I certainly hope I have. Could the series have gone on. Probably but any future stories would have been different since the characters are reaching the end of their teen years and would become older and have different lives. Who knows. If one had more time and the ideas came, there could be sequels or prequels. Who knows.

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