Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday - On Series - Affinities - The Main Characters - Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor

The first book of Affinities - Escape features the five main Characters in the story. Though in other books thee are other viewpoint characters introduced the first ones shown are viewpoint characters throughout the four books. The first book in the series is Escape

Ashlea's affinity is for Air. She has the ability to read the winds and to use other elements of Air to help the group in their quest for a safe place and mentors to help them learn how to use their affinities. She can influence the thoughts of others. She is the oldest of the first set of twins. Her artifact is the flute and her gem is clear white.

Brandien's affinity is for water. He is able to scry and see events that can influence their lives by looking into clear water. He can also read emotions and control them. He also has the ability to treat injuries. His stone is blue and a scrying cup is his artifact.

Jaydren's affinity is for earth and he has the ability to help plants grow and to find minerals buried in the earth. He wants to know everything. He can locate minerals in people's bodies. His artifact is a staff of living wood and his gem is green.

Kylandra's affinity is for fire. She also has the ability to control and attract animals. Sometimes acting in a rash manner she believes in action. Her artifact is a sword and her stone is red.

Alizand or Zand is the fifth of the characters introduced. His affinity is for Fire. A sword is his artifact and his stone is red. He is the son of the ruler of one of the Princedoms but though the oldest, he can never be the heir because of his affinity. His flight from home when his protector is sent away brings him into a friendship with the four.

These five are the focus of the four books. Next week the other viewpoint characters and the villains will be introduced.

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