Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday - Series - Affinities - Other characters

Every series needs at least one villain in the first book of the Affinities Series, there are more than one.

Dom Senet is the major villain who continues through all four of the stories. He belongs to the original people of the land, those who have affinities and he has all four to some extent. Behind him is a shadow that isn't seen clearly until later in the series.

There are minor villains in this story. Zand's step-mother who is trying for power over her husband. She's a nasty one but has little power. She has two sons who aren't the nicest ones either and they will play roles in later books of the series. They give Zand much trouble.

The four who have found refuge in a sheltered and hidden garden in the large town make friends with two who also have talents. One of these will take a major role in later stories. There are also several children who were orphaned street children who play a role in later stories, one acting out of jealousy causes a real problem. Valcon has gathered the street children after his father was killed. He has an affinity for Water. Genira is rescued. Her affinity is for Earth. In the rescue attempt Kylandra is captured by Dom Senet and taken to the palace. She is rescued by Zand.

The first half of Escape takes the four plus Zand to the city and the second part is of their adventures in the garden. The book ends in winter with a departure and a threat of death.

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