Monday, June 30, 2014

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthors

 Meander 1 - Not In Your World - This new scheme that's related to fanfic troubles me. Sure it looks like the authors will be making money from fans who intrude into their world, My real problem with this is that though there are many writers whose world I really like, I would never write a story in their worlds. The creator of each world puts a lot of themselves into the making of that world. I know that many writers, maybe not many, but some have started their careers by writing stories in worlds created by other people. I'm not sure this is going to bring out those fans who do this for their own satisfaction and I'm not sure what will happen when one of these fans totally changes a person's characters and tries to make them their own creation. So I won't tramp into your world as a writer, As a reader, I'll be there to read each new episode and really wish there were more stories coming faster but only the ones written by you. I'll continue to create my own worlds, too.

Meander 2 - The results of an experiment. The month of June has shown 1000 more hits on the blog than the May list. While every month, or mostly every one there's been a steady increase, except for several when the count went down but the increase is usually a hundred or so. The experiment was run by Marketing For Romance Writers and worked at least for me. The beginning of the month was the usual amount of hits until the sharing day. That's when the number of hits grew. Not the number of comments but that's another thing. Some days there are many and some days just a few.

Meander 3 - Have passed the middle on another draft of Toth's Priest and the words are adding up. This is good. Book is about halfway to the final goal. Did the revisions on the second of this trilogy and hopefully I'll get to the end of the third one before long. I'm fleshing scenes in this draft and the next ones will go to making the story as good as I can,

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