Monday, June 23, 2014

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor

Meander 1 Writing seems to be a slow go lately. The story is a good one but for some reason this writer is lagging. I think it's the same reason that's happened in the past and that's telling someone whose in a position to see the book move forward about the story before it's done. Years ago I nearly landed a top agent but she sent me home to write a book I'd told her about. I couldn't write the book. I must have torn sheets and sheets of paper but nothing would come. Though this time is a bit different, I did tell my publisher about the book and than what was going like a rocket headed toward Mars slowed to the snail creeping along in the grass. I will finish the book and hopefully before long. That's what being a writer means. Pushing ahead and finishing the job.

Meander 2 Last week I had three books on sale. This week there's only 1. Let's hope the numbers I saw mean sales. Would be wonderful. Not that I want to earn a million dollars, I just like the possibility of a check every few months.

Meander 3 Am reading a good book by Joan Hovey. Mystery and suspense. There was a twist that snuck up on my and really slammed. That's always a great thing to happen when one is reading mystery and suspense. Makes it a good story. Twists and turns are good in other kinds of stories but the unexpected always makes the reader sit up and say whoa. That's what I did last night while reading. But then this author is a great writer.

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