Monday, June 9, 2014

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor

Meander 1 - I open my blog two days a week for other authors to do a bit of promoting but I've noticed there are few of these authors who promote that they're there or even post a thanks. I know when I'm on someone else's blog, I let the world know and I pop by several times during the day and the days after so if there are comments I can respond to them. How about you? When you're guesting on someone else's blog do you promote your appearance and check the blog for visitors?

Meander 2 - I've been writing about series on Sunday and also on Wednesday with Writer's tip, using a friend Karen Wiesner's book about series. Do you write series. I realized if trilogies are included I have a number of them and several that aren't completed. I'm also reading book 12 of a great series. Every time there's a new book in the Foreigner series, I start and read them one by one. But then I'm a re-reader and enjoy visiting favorite worlds. Has become interesting these days since so many of them are now electronic and some are in paper. How about you? Are series your favorites?

Meander 3. Received the cover for Bast's Warrior and really like it. Am ready to send off Horu's Choice to the publisher and now much really push to finish Toth's Priest. The first two are being re-released and the third is a new story. There is more of everything in this story. More action, more love and finding all the loose ends has been a challenge. Need about 15 to 20 thousand roads and to write all those scenes that say there's a fight or they make love, or look up this or that fact. Hopefully I'll finish by August or before so all the other stuff can be finished.

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