Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - More on Types of Series #MFRWauthor

Now we come to Trilogies and series that stop with four books. According to Writing the Fiction Series, a trilogy or a four book set usually is the story of the same character in a connected set. This isn't necessarily so. There are trilogies where the world is the same and while the characters are interconnected , each book focuses on a different character but they take place in the same world.

At present I'm working on an alternate world story where three characters from the present world are sent to an ancient world on a different continuum. The method of their arrival is the same but in each book there are different tasks the characters must accomplish bringing them together in the final book.

There can be spin-offs constitute a different kind of series. Often this involves a group of friends who the reader knows from another book and each friend has their chance to have their story. Often seen in romance stories.  They can also be generational stories where the stories start with parent and go to their off-spring and even to grandchildren.

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