Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tuesday's Inpiration by Janet Lane Walters #aminspired

Today it'll be a very different inspiration. First Happy Holidays to all.

Inspiration number one - Just enough snow to cover the brown grass and light up the trees. That's what I found last night when I left son's house after watching grandchildren while their parents sang at church.

Inspiration number 2 - Those grandchildren who were on their best behavior even letting Grandma watch Jeopardy. Then came the test. To read to them The Night Before Christmas. Book chosen had the first page printed black letters on dark blue background. Fortunately I can recite the first part of the powm, even more than I thought I could.

Inspiration number three - Having the courage to trash an entire chapter of my new work in progress because I muddied the high point of the chapter with talk instead of with reactions.

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