Monday, December 10, 2012

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #amwriting #amreading #fantasy

I'm preparing a talk on Building Worlds for all genres. Think I'll call it Building Worlds, Building Dreams. Thinking about what we do as fiction writers and that's build dreams for the readers. Some dreams turn out better than others. Some become nightmares and that's sad. I do a lot of reading as well as writing. Not every book I buy or discover is worth a second read. That's my criteria for a good book. If I want to read it again, for me it's a good book. If I read it multiple times, it's a great book.  But back to my idea on Building Worlds. This is a must for the writers of every genre. If you don't know all the facets of the world where you place your characters the book will fall flat for the reader. What you're doing is shattering their dreams. I've recently read 2 romantic suspenses. One book built the world so I felt as though I was there. The second failed and the reason was the world didn't make me feel as if I was in that world. I found I couldn't continue reading that book and for me, that's strange since I've stuck with some books no one loved, even me but I hung in until the end. So my meander today is about creating your dream world and pulling the reader into the story.

Speaking of dream worlds. I have finished Lines of Fire and am planning to get it ready to send. Now if I can remember how to format the thing, I will get onto this very soon. I'm now heading into the world of the Goddesses of Er and haven't done much on it for almost a week. A few hundred words but that's not enough to help me find the rhythm but I will.

Also have ideas for some short spicy novellas based on my love for Astrology. I also want to start on them and that will mean dividing myself into more than one dream at a time. I think I can. Now all I must do is know I can.

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Marianne Stephens said...

Building worlds correctly is so crucial...I'll stop reading a book if the author hasn't created a world I can visualize.
Now go format your book!