Monday, December 17, 2012

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters

My meander today isn't as much about me as it is about what's going on around us. I'm a mother and grandmother and I can't imagine the grief that's rocking the country because of the event on Friday. The death of so many children in their school where they come to learn sickened me. I'm not much for politics. I'm not sure the average person has much clout in this area. I believe guns should be used by the military and by the police. I'm not into hunting and guns have been forbidden in my house. My children never had toy guns. I'm not sure about my grandchildren but I don't think guns have been part of their toy array. Something has to change in this country and assault weapons should never be in the hands of anyone but the police and the military. I hear it often that guns don't kill. People do. This is wrong thinking in my opinion. People with guns kill people. So do people with other weapons but seldom is there a massacre with other weapons.

In my writing I sometimes use weapons but they're mostly swords and knives. Only once have I used guns in a story but they weren't assault weapons. Who is to blame for what happened at Sandy Hook on Friday? I believe we all are and it's up to us to find solutions no matter who it upsets.

As to my writing, I've learned Lines of Fire will be released in January. I'm finally back to work on The Goddesses of Er, I'm also starting to work on a sort of series of short, hot stories, probably novella length using my love for Astrology. I'll see what happens with them and where I'll submit them.

So it's back to work.

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