Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday #amreading - What Janet Lane Walters Has Been Reading

Still re-reading books and stories by my friends and browsing through what books I want to load into my Kindle. Have been reading a lot of blurbs and searching to see if my favorite authors have put out new books.

'Twas The Night Before Christmas Read this to granddaughters. Grandson slept through the reading. Felt very fortunate I can recite most of the poem since the selected book had black letters printed on a dark blue background for the first few lines. Up to On the roof I heard such a clatter. Memory saved the day.

Re-read Cabin Fever by Sheila Claydon - Romance on a cruise. Always interesting learning new things and especially British bits. Still have no idea what treacle is. It's a color, That much I got.

Also Reluctant Date re-read. Learned a bit about Florida in this story. Both books gave me that little jolt when the hero and heroine got together.

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Sheila Claydon said...

Catching up on your blogs Janet and delighted to learn that you have just re-read my books Cabin Fever and Reluctant Date. I'm glad you got that jolt at the end of each book, and as for treacle - yes, it is a colour - think toffee or maybe a dark honey colour. I guess treacle must be an English word although I didn't know that. We often use it to describe golden syrup, assuming that that means something to people outside the UK.