Monday, December 3, 2012

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #amwriting #amreading

Another week. Meander today is about the wierd comments sometimes found on the blog. All are written by Anonymous. At least it's easy to get rid of them. Just hit Spam and delete. They're there for as long as I need to find them. Leaving one's name is easy. Though I do have some followers who are anonymous. Would like to know who they are if I should decide to give away something in a contest.

Second meander is about the approaching holidays. Writing always slows down when that happens and I feel frustrated. One would think after all the years of writing I would accept that there is a time when the writing slows down. I know of at least one other writer who is suffering from the same slowdown. How about the rest of you. Do the holidays impede output?

As for my writing. Have learned The Micro-Manager Murder will be out in March. Can't wait. Releases have been a bit slow but that will change. In January I'll be able to reoved another book from a publisher that I was a wrong fit for. Not my problem or theirs. Was just like a marriage that didn't work. Sure wish I could retrieve the third book in the series.

Am still doing edits to Lines of Fire and working on The Goddesses of Er. They will see some progress this week. Hope to finish the edits and do at least two chapters on the other. Had an idea for a series of short hot pieces. Must work the idea out and then decide what to do with them. So n work and to baking cookies.

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