Monday, December 24, 2012

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #amwriting

Christmas Eve and preparations are nearly done. I've been thinking about Christmas pasts and how my father really loved the holiday. He was a steelworker and often was on strike for the holidays but he always made sure his children had a good Christmas. The tree usually went up on Christmas Eve until my younger brother stopped believing in Santa Claus. The last year this happened was one of those strike years. After my brother was in bed, my father sent me and a friend out to buy the tree. Money was very short and I had two dollars. The police and firemen held a joint tree place so that's where my friend and I headed with a large wagon. I had a dollar and a half. Most of the men running the stand knew my father and mother so I managed to buy a nine foot tree for my money. If you would have seen my friend and I hauling this on a Red Flyer wagon clear across town, and up steps that went under the railroad tracks. When we arrived home, my father laughed. Since there weren't enough decorations for the entire tree he put it in a corner and we decorated the sides and the front. Fortunately the ceilings were higs so the tree fit. Was a really great Christmas. I got a chemistry set and stunk up the house with my concoctions.

Here's another meander. When I buy a book I intend to read it all. I won't name titles or anything else but I just finished a book where not only was the heroine too stupid to live, the writer seemed to feel the reader belonged in the same category. Was supposed to be a romantic suspense. There was little romance until the last page. The suspense was/s accomplished. There was nothing wrong with the writing. The sentences flowed long and smooth but in suspense the tension must be there. Also as soon as the bad guy made an appearance I knew who the killer was. Took about 200 more pages for the police and the heroine to figure this out.

Enough meandering. Right now I've started a new story that will be part of a 12 story set of novellas and I'm also working on the Goddesses of Er. Now reclaining the first 2 chapters that were lost somewhere in the ether.

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