Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday's What Janet Lane Walters Is Reading #amreading

Still in re-read mode and checking books on Kindle to see which ones remain but am also re-reading print books. So a bit about these.

Just finished Kat Attalla's Sex and Key Lime Pie - still love the book since I heard parts of the story in critique group. A nice sensual read and the secret baby plot with a troubled hero and some snappy dialogue which is Kat's special forte. Highly recommended.

Re-read Charmaine Gordon's Reconstructing Charlie - Remember this from critique, too. The opening line will stun you. This is a sort of coming of age story and introduces some characters who deserve their own stories. My favorite guy wasn't the hero and I wish he had been but I think Charmaine is working on his story.

Am re-reading Leslie Roy Carter and Margaret L. Carter's Adept series. Have finished the first book. Wild Sorceress and truly admire the way they have woven magic and army life. There are n the series and they're on my next list. Loy and this is one of the best.

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