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Code Blue

For some great excerpts join the authors #MFRWHooks here to read. Mine is a bit from Code Blue

In the medical suspense Code Blue by Janet Lane Walters, published by Books We Love and previously published as Obsessions, nurse Susan finds the body of the hospital’s “gossip queen” in the orthopedic storage room. She doesn’t realize this is the first of a series of murders involving her colleagues or that her life is in danger. She is a widow and is exploring a new romantic relationship that promises love but she fears the man she is falling for is as controlling as her dead husband. The arrival of courtship gifts, at first, seen as innocuous soon takes on a sinister note.


This book kept me on edge from the first page to the last. Several times I just 'knew' I'd figured out who the killer was, but each time, there was a bit of doubt there until the very last paragraph! I highly recommend this book. 4 Stars (Excellent!)"--Tracie's Book Reviews by Kathy's Faves and Raves

"A series of murders, suspense, action, a tad of love makes OBSESSIONS an intriguing tale designed to mystify your mind. If you love mysteries, you'll love Janet Lane Walters newest release. 4 Stars!"--Just Views

"Fast-paced mainstream novel ... Walters plots carefully, each scene constructed to perfection. For readers who enjoy being terrified, this is an author to turn to for entertainment. She tells all, while managing to create paranoia among the characters."--Affaire de Coeur

September 24, 2012
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
I enjoyed this book - The characters had you guessing who it was in the end - Would happily recommend it to others

April 25, 2013
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
I work in the medical field and love a good medical thriller. I liked the twists and turns. Kept me guessing.

January 16, 2013
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Good book for anyone to read. Very little medical term if any. Liked that it didn't contain Harlequin-type romance, but real people with real lives, along with murder and mystery, it was great, quick read.

December 26, 2012
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Code Blue is an interesting book that keeps you trying to out what the identity of the killer was. It's an amazing book.
     Home at last. Susan Randall moved her shoulders in slow circles to ease the tension raised by the series of delays she had experienced during the morning's journey from Florida. An hour's delay in the departure of the flight. Traffic snarls due to construction. She had hoped to be home long before noon. She looked at her watch. Nearly one o'clock.
     The limousine driver dropped her bags on the porch. After paying the man, she waited for him to leave. Then she fished the house key from the jumble in her purse and opened the front door. Why
 hadn't she stuck to her original plan and left last night? Instead, she had allowed her parents to persuade her to stay until this morning. Another failure in assertiveness, she thought.
     The two weeks in Florida had exhausted her. With a sigh, she opened the front door and lifted the suitcases. Worry over the outcome of her father's abdominal surgery and coping with her mother's fears had drained her. Her father's uncomplicated recovery had given her parents time to offer advice on how she should live her life.
     "It's been nearly a year and a half since Jim's death. How long are you going to grieve? You're thirty-five. Isn't it time to let
 him go and build a new life?"
     Variations on the theme had been endless. The unsolicited advice and opinions had only increased
 her inner restlessness.
     Susan dropped the suitcases beside the brown and white couch. How could she admit to her parents that fear of losing her identity again and not grief had governed her choices? Until the restraints had vanished, she hadn't realized she had been
 wrapped in a cocoon. If Jim hadn't died, her contentment
 with her life would have lasted. He would have continued to make decisions for every moment of their life and she wouldn't \have protested. He had bound her so tightly, there had been little need for family, friends or children. During the past eighteen months, making decisions for the slightest change had been difficult, but she had learned. She had no intention of ceding her newfound independence.
     Why would she want to find another man and plunge into the same kind of dependency? The odds of settling into a similar relationship were high. How many of her friends had she watched leave one man and find another with the same traits? She couldn't take the chance--not until she gained confidence in herself. Besides, her life would remain serene as long as her 
 emotions remained in a coma.
     The wall clock chimed. Startled, she looked up. One forty-five. How long had she drifted in thought? She'd better move
 before she arrived late for work, an act she hadn't committed in her thirteen years at Bradley Memorial Hospital.
     Patrick stood on the porch. The ceiling light glinted on his honey-blond hair. She left the car and walked to the porch.
     "Welcome home. Long night." His deep voice promised security.
     For an instant, she thought of finding forgetfulness in his arms the way she had the night Jim had died. But 
that encounter had nearly destroyed their friendship.
     Tears spilled down her cheeks. Were they for Barbara, herself or some unknown reason? She fought to
 control feelings of helplessness. If Patrick saw her as weak, he would react the same way Jim had. She never wanted to be smothered again.
     He reached for her hand. "Don't tell me you knew the nurse I heard about on the police band."
     She nodded. "I found the body." She fumbled in her purse for the house key. Patrick put his arm around her shoulders. For a moment, she leaned against him. "I'll be all right."
     "I know, but it must have been a brutal shock. If you need a shoulder, mine's broad." He plucked the keys from
 her hand and opened the door.
     She dropped her coat on the arm of the couch. A splotch of dried blood stained the right knee of her uniform. She gasped. Why hadn't someone told her?
     She felt unclean. Her skin itched. She wanted to tear off the uniform. As she hurried to the stairs, she unfastened the buttons of her white shirt. "I have to shower."
     The note of panic in Susan's voice drew Patrick to the stairs. When she turned, he saw the 
bloodstained knee of her uniform. He gripped the newel post. She must have found the body not long after the woman had been killed. His muscles tensed. Had the murderer seen her?
     Long after she vanished, he remained at the foot of the steps. He wanted to follow her, to hold her, to protect her. She might
 be in danger. What if she had seen something that could identify the killer?
     He released his held breath and walked to the kitchen. There, he measured coffee and turned on the machine. While the coffee brewed, he returned to the living room and took a bottle of brandy from the antique icebox Susan used as a bar.
     Memories of the night Jim died arose. He had held Susan in his arms. A light kiss meant to offer comfort had ignited passion. He had forgotten her grief, forgotten his friend and had drowned in the heady sensations of making love with the woman he had wanted for years. The shock of hearing her
 call him Jim had iced his desire.
     For months after the funeral, she had avoided him. Though he had understood and shared the guilt,
 he had feared they would never regain what had been lost. This past summer, they had become friends again, but he wanted
 more. Sometimes, he thought his desire for her had become an obsession.
     Patrick leaned against the counter. He loved her, but she had to be more secure about her ability to 
deal with life before she would be ready for a relationship.
     He reached for two mugs hanging from hooks above the kitchen table, poured coffee and laced 
Susan's with brandy. Just as she came down the stairs, he entered the living room. His body reacted to

 the gentle sway of her light brown caftan.
     She sat on one end of the couch and tucked her feet under her. After taking the mug in her hands, she sipped 
and coughed. "You should have warned me."
     "The perfect antidote for tonight's shock. Will help you sleep."
     "Thanks, and thank you for the flowers." She leaned forward and stroked one of the chrysanthemums with a
     Patrick imagined her touching him in the same way. He lifted his mug. "Who was killed?"


Lisabet Sarai said...

Janet, on my browser, your excerpt is cut off on the right and not really readable.

J.Q. Rose said...

Yes, Janet. The excerpt is cut off on the right. I do love reading your medical thrillers. This sounds like an intriguing read.
JQ Rose

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Great excerpt!
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Lyndi Lamont said...

I had trouble reading the excerpt, also. Great premise for a medical thriller.

Janet Lane Walters said...

Tried to fix the excerpt but it continues to fight every thing I try, Janet

Personalized Marketing Inc said...

Hi Janet,

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Barbara White Daille said...

I tried two different browsers but had the same trouble with the excerpt being cut off. Hope the suggestions that were given will do the trick for you.

The storyline sounds very good!

Ed Hoornaert said...

Sorry, but I had the same problem others did.