Thursday, October 17, 2019

Thursday - Murder and Sweet Tea - a look at Robespierre #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Cozy mystery #Maine Coon Cat

I turned into River Edge Road. Robespierre ambled up the street toward me. When he reached my side, the Maine Coon cat butted my legs with his head. Was this a welcome or a bid for more food? At twenty-two pounds, he was huge and his fluffy black, brown and white coat added to his bulk.

The cat dashed inside and did a little dance in front of his bowl. Lars sat at the table cradling a steaming mug of coffee. I sprinkled a few bits of dry food in Robespierre’s dish and filled a glass with iced spearmint tea. I sat across from my husband.
Lars looked up from the newspaper. “Did you and the coven solve the problems of the world?”

The next day, I spent time in the garden tending the mint beds in front of the bedroom area of the house. Their aromas filtered into the rooms and helped me sleep. Megan and Rose Prairie played with a ball on a string. Robespierre sat in his Sphinx position on the stone walk leading from the front door to the street. I wonder if he thought he was too old to play.

While watching the move, I gathered basil and mints for our evening meal. I pulled weeds from the beds.
“Hungry, Grandma Kate.” The small girl planted herself in front of me.
“Is it lunchtime already?”
“My tummy says yes.”
I clasped her hand and we walked to the house. A parade of cats followed. The pair scampered over the slate foyer and turned toward the kitchen. Robespierre and Rose Prairie dashed to sit beside their bowls in expectation of being fed. I chuckled. Megan’s pet had learned the drill.
She giggled. “They are so silly.” She shook a few nuggets into each bowl.

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