Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Writing ABC - W is for Words #MFRWauthor #Words #Writing

W is for words. As writers, words are important and choosing the right words can pose problems. Words chosen need to do a number of things. They need to show the characters, show the setting and carry the reader into the world you are creating. Words advance the story.

Words can build tension. They can show bits of humor. Words can tell the reader about the story.

Choosing the wrong words can sink a story. Suppose you're writing a suspense story and all the words you choose are beautiful and the sentences flowing. The reader will be left lying on the chaise instead of sitting on the edge of the seat.

Writing historical novels. The words must fit the era. Putting in words that sound modern will tear the reader out of the story.

There are many more things the right words or the wrong words can do. Especially when there are words used wrong. Take flair and flare. Used wrong can make for humor when it's not intended. Anger flaired in her eyes or anger flared in her eyes. There are other words like this that may sound alike but mean very different things.

So choose your words with care.

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