Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tuesday - The Writer's Life - Where to Publish #MFRWauthor #Where #Publish

 and you're ready for the next level of the writer's life. Deciding where you want to publish. There are a number of options these days and each of them has pluses and minuses.

You could aim for a major publisher. They give advances, editors, and cover artists. You will also have to earn back the advance before you receive any royalties. Finding one to take your book can be difficult. To interest one of these publishers, you will need an agent. Finding an agent can be as difficult as finding a publisher. There are letters to write showing your mss in the best light. Or you could meet an editor at a conference and have her ask to see your story. This doesn't mean she will buy but it is a way into the door.

You could look at a small publisher. They seldom give advances, they may or may not have good editors and also the same for cover artists. They will give you a greater percentage of the sales of your book and this can add up to a good payout. But here your book may not be seen by a multitude and you will have to do promotion.

You could self publish your book. This means either knowing how to do many things or having to pay people to do this for you. There is formatting for the different venues. There is editing. Every book does need editing. There are things missed those spelling glitches where the word is spelled right but is not the right word. You'll need to find a cover artist. The real plus is you will receive all the royalties on the book beyond what the seller takes.

There is also vanity publishing. Do not even consider this.

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