Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thuesday's Second Chapter featuring Heart Throb #MFRWauthor #medical #romance

Eric Damon Blair III surveyed his new living space and grinned. Though the condo was mostly unfurnished, he was pleased with the place he’d bought last week. In the living room, he’d created a nest of pillows on the thick dark blue carpet. Perfect place for making love.

He strode into the bedroom where the most important pieces of furniture had been delivered. The king-sized bed was ready for the kind of action he enjoyed.

He turned to scan the living area. One nice feature of the unit was the bar between the kitchen and dining room. A couple of bar stools and he could eat there until he found a table and chairs.

Once he knew his way around town and found some willing helpers, he would buy furniture. He conjured images of the women he would find. A sleek blonde. A ravishing redhead. A sultry brunette. All he had to do was meet them, but that had never been a problem.

No strings. No commitments. He had no intention of following his parents’ examples. He’d lost count of the number of step-mamas and papas his parents had brought into his life. No marriage meant no divorce.

He flipped the cover of his cell phone and tapped his cousin’s number. Better give her the news of his purchase before she called the police and the area hospitals looking
for him. "Linda, what’s up?"

"Eric, where are you?"

"It’s Damon. Eric is my father and our grandfather."

She laughed. "Forgot the name change. You’re late. What happened? Traffic? An accident? Were you hurt?"

"None of the above."

"Then where are you? Expected you two hours ago."

"In town. Had a bit of luck." He settled against the headboard of the bed. "Found my own place."

"But you were staying with us while you looked for a house. I have plans."

He rolled his eyes. He was sure she had a dozen schemes to match him with some marriage-seeking friend. He had no intention of camping in his cousin’s guest room. Watching a nesting mom-to-be and a proud daddy-in-waiting wasn’t a scene he wished to face. "Sorry. Ran into the brother of a patient who wanted to sell his condo. Had the money from the trust. Place is great. Once I’m settled, I’ll throw a party."

"You are coming to dinner tonight, aren’t you?"


"There’s this woman I want you to meet. Ben and I invited her over. You’ll like her. She’s --"

"Forget your schemes." Damon groaned. Just like he’d figured. "What is it with you happily-marrieds? Can’t stand to see anyone free? I don’t need help to find women. That’s plural. Don’t want a permanent attachment."

She laughed. "Neither does my friend. That’s why I thought you two were a perfect match."

"Thanks for thinking of me. I’ll pass and find my own. Talk to you later. I’m off to unpack the car."

"When will we see you?"

"If something doesn’t come up, I’ll drop by tomorrow or Sunday. Unless ... you get the idea."

"What could come up? You’re new in town."

He chuckled. "You’d be surprised. Sometimes being the new kid can have amazing results. Gives the ladies a new body to explore."

"You’re impossible."

"But lovable. Ciao."

Damon rose from the bed and headed to the door. Now to unpack the sound system. Then shower, shave, change and hit the local watering holes. Fridays were always good social nights at the bars. Surely he’d find more interesting company than an unattached female who needed friends to find her a date. Even if she didn’t admit to being part of the husband-hunting set, he’d seldom met a woman who didn’t turn huntress when she learned he was a doctor.

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