Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday's Blurbs - featuring Books by Darrell Bain #MFRWauthor #Science fiction #aliens


A new novel by award-winning author Darrell Bain. The spiral arm is being colonized. One group of humans is attempting to reestablish the values of the old United States among the stars. They are forming a confederacy of worlds beyond the reach of the oppressive UN government on earth. Sage Cortez believes he is on a simple colony ship, but as it gets farther and farther from earth more and more obstacles are put in its path. These include pirates, UN led assaults, alluring UNBI agents intent on subverting his loyalty and even intrigue among the crew. Added to all this is another alien race lying in wait who want to claim the spiral arm for themselves and a wholly inimical race facing the aliens. When Sage set off to be a colonist with his parents and siblings, he didn't realize what heavy responsibilities which would be thrust upon him along the way.


Darrell Bain’s novel encompasses the spirit of the old American pioneers who risked all for a chance of a better life in a new environment. With conditions in America deteriorating, the Bentley family decides to take advantage of the recently discovered method for reaching the stars. They sign a contract with a corporation in return for partial financing of their venture to a new world. But as they travel on the space trails, they gradually discover that all is not right about the expedition they’re on. When the discrepancies finally come to a head, they find the corporation has deceived all the immigrants. Regardless, there is no turning back, for the leaders of the expedition have outsmarted themselves. Out of food, lost in the labyrinth of the space trails, beset by denizens of the ‘ways, with only a slim chance of survival, the Bentley family and their fellow immigrants press on, driven by the same indomitable spirit their forebears showed while conquering a new continent.


Samantha Douglas has been able to talk to animals as far back as she can remember. The problem is that no one believes her. Her talent gets young Samantha in trouble time after time as she grows from a young girl into a teenager, forcing her parents to move again and again while Samantha only wants to be herself. Instead, after leading a runaway tiger back to the zoo she becomes a celebrity. Some think she’s a fake. Some worship her. Some hate her. Muslin Jihadists try to kidnap her and a rogue government agency wants to use her. Her talent can give the United States a huge jump over other nations but first she has to stay alive, second she must solve a decades-old, other-worldly enigma and last she has to convince everyone she is truly capable of all the demands being made on her. A novel that Adults, Young Adults and anyone else will find fascinating.

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