Monday, March 6, 2017

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #Poetry #writing

Meander 1 - Poem _Tiger Cat 2

I see him - cat- tiger striped
I think of what his ancestors were,
Large, stalking beasts with saber teeth,
Dwellers in caves.
I wonder if he dreams of them
While sleeping in the sun.

Meander 2 - No car today - Thank heavens on monday the other car will be ready. Bothers me why people who back into a car where there are no parking lines in front of the car, find a way to smash into the car. The took off and left a bit of a mess and the car needed a new bumper and the hood pounded out. The insurance company was great, the police not so great. They didn't investigate or call when they promised to do so.

Writing - Am finishing the final draft of The Cancer Capricorn Connection and then will have to type in all the changes. Then I'll finish typing in Past Betrayals, Past Loves. Then no writing fun for awhile but I will be outlining the next who knows how many books since there are 33 books to update for my publisher. Sounds like fin but won't take more than two weeks.

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