Monday, June 29, 2015

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #amwriting #romance

Meander 1 - Finding time. These days I'm having to pull time out of the air. About five hours of my day is taken up with things other than writing. Then my study was moved that means I have to traipse up and down stairs about ten times a day. The TV is also in my study now. Thant can be a time waster but I've learned to mute the beast during my favorite shows and write during those times. Usually I stop writing at nine PM. Not these days since I need the time.

Meader 2 - Promoting I am not doing. But books seem to be selling slowly and surely. The blog is taking off. This month there have been almost my personal high in views. Not in comments but few people comment. I belong to a blog run by one of my publishers. Every day when I go on to read, I try to make a comment. Try to comment on others that I read but my granddaughter's name comes up on them. Not sure how to get it off but she has commented on a few other blogs.

Meander 3 - The latest of my books is now in the mode where it has to rest for a short amount of time. I will do the CAF sheet for it soon. I've started on a new one and hopefully the rest will go as good as the first chapter seems to be going.

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