Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday's Inspiration - The Book Is Done #MFRWauthor #amwriting

You have just finished your book be it 100 pages of 1000, so what do you do? Now you could send it off to the publisher after a query letter or by invitation. Perhaps you feel this is the best thing you have written to date. But will you settle for idleness?

There are other things you can do, one is to revise picking out scenes that could be stronger. Some writers might think what you are doing is busy work. Maybe and maybe not. You might find the scene that doesn't quite work and find a way to make it better.

You could go over the manuscript word by word making sure you've chosen the right word and those you have misspelled or somehow a word with the right letters has snuck in. For example instead of lion, you have loin. Or it's one of those words people can often mistake for the right one. flair or flare. Just which one do you mean.

You could send it off and wait for an editor's suggestions to come back and do revisions and corrections then.

But if the book is the best one you can write at the time and you've checked and revised, what do you do? The best thing after sending it off is to start on a new story and hope this one will be the best one you've ever written.

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