Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday's Inspiration - Creativity and Limits #aminspired #MFRWauthor

The inspiration for this bit was taken from Creativity and Madness by Rollo May, a great book I've read several times. "There is no such thing as unlimited creativity. It is within limits, often very narrow limits, that a creative work comes into being."

Thought about this for a long time. Then I began to think about my own limits when writing. Do I enjoy every kind of fiction? The answer to this was no. I don't read horror and I definitely have limits when it comes to writing stories that have horror elements. Thus there is one limit. There are genres I really enjoy but I have limits when thinking about writing them. Science fiction is one. I just don't have the scientific knowledge to write novels about space. I tried several times but needed more research than I was comfortable in writing. So there are some limits. Self-imposed maybe or perhaps imposed by my education and interests.

What are your limitations? Does your family limit you when you are attempting to write? This can happen. What about your own take on the world? Knowing your limitations can make you a better writer since you can work within your narrow limits and produce gems.

So look at your limitations and use them to write the stories inside waiting to sneak around those limitations.

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