Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday's Inspiration - Rearrange #MFRWauthor

 When I read the words "Man rearranges" in an essay by Sloan Wilson, I shook my head. Then I started to look at what this might mean. We often write about things we haven't experienced. What we try to do is imagine something we have experienced that is similar to what we want to write.

I've never murdered a person, stolen money or other such acts but I've written about them. What I've done is filter things through my imagination and rearrange some emotion I've experienced in the past. How about you, have you written about something you've never experienced?

Writers of historical fiction have books to read for research. But they've never been to that place. In writing my ancient alternate Egypt worlds I visited museums to look at artifacts, read volumes about the ancient world. Then I began to rearrange things I'd discovered into a story.

Imagination is the process of rearranging known things and making them into something that's sort of new. Sort of but there is a basis for what springs onto the page. So spend your time and use your imagination to rearranging the things you've experienced and know into those worlds you're creating.

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