Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday's Inspiration - Making The Most of Your Talent #MFRWauthor

Was reading an old essay on writing by Marjorie Holmes about making the most of your talent. One thing she said was "It must not go to waste." Years ago, I was in a writing group with several women who were really talented writers. I always thought they would go places. Unfortunately most of them gave up on writing. I always wondered about their reasons.

The first one that occurred to me was they weren't willing to reach for new methods. This was in the beginning days of electronic publishing. To me this sounded like an interesting experiment and I dove in. These women believed only a print contract was the thing to reach for.

The second reason was they had their minds set on what kind of stories they wanted to write. This was the days when sex was creeping into stories and they didn't want to go beyond a chaste kiss at the end of the book.

Though they had greater talent than I did they were unwilling to try new avenuse and venture to challenge themselves in other directions.

What about you? Are your ideas about what you must write so set in concrete you can't change directions? If so, you're not making the most of your talent.

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