Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday's Inspiration - Writing For An Audience #MFRWauthor

This quote is from an editor I do not know, Hugh McNair Kahler. I do not know him or who he edited for but his words struck home with me. "Nobody can write for an audience to which he does not belong."

Early in my writing days I tried to write science fiction. Though I had read some I wasn't a fanatic about reading them. The stories and novels came back with some compliments about the writing but not about the stories.

One day I sat down and looked at the kind of stories I liked to read and came up with these areas. Romance in all the variations, fantasies and mysteries. Though I bill myself as an eclectic writer I mainly write in some variation of these. I found writing what I enjoyed reading really made me move toward success.

Just what does this mean. One of my friends loves horror and reads as much as she can of this kind of book. She loves Stephen King and Dean Koontz so when she began to write horror stories, she already belonged to that audience. This is the same for my friends who write romance read romances.

So what does this mean to you. If you're just starting to write, look at what you read. If you've been writing and never getting anywhere, check your reading habits. Reading is one thing that helps a writer write. This doesn't mean copying or trying to imitate a favorite author what it does is tell you where you might be comfortable writing.

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