Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday's Inspiration - Emotions and Attitudes #MFRWauthor

I found this quote from Richard Summers who wrote novels and short stories. "Probably the writer's emotions (synthetic or genuine ) and his attitude toward the writing craft in total are the most important single element in the creative process."

I had to ponder what this meant to me. I've always loved to read and at some point read many of the stories and novels that interested me. As a child, I read through the children's section of the library and grew a bit bored so I began making up my own stories. I told them to myself as I was falling asleep. Then came the day much later in my life when I decided to write and become a published author.

Now comes attitude and emotion. Of course I wanted to write literary works and I tried but I really don't like literary works, What I really liked are books like mysteries, fantasy, romance. My emotions were directly in this corner of the world. Giving up writing books aimed for the world was hard but as I started to write the kinds of books I really enjoy to read. Books with adventure, love and puzzles, I found myself returning to the time when I told myself stories to help me fall asleep at night.

These kind of stories suited me emotionally and I realized it didn't matter as my romances were published when someone asked "When are you going to write a real book?" My books were real to me.

What about you are you writing the books you love to read? Has your attitude changed from the first days when you began to write? Do you find writing not only satisfying but as an adventure and fun? For me they are.

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