Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday's Book - Sanctuary's Ending by Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLove

Janet Lane-Walters' exciting new Fantasy. Sanctuary's Ending. Available now for only $2.99.

In the beginning the goddesses Sola and Luna shone on their sister bringing forth all life. Erda grew rich and fat and the people loved the Three. Some began to lust for the treasures buried beneath Erda’s skin. She offered them freely but men began to dig and plunder her riches. Sola and Luna hated what they saw. With floods, winds, fires and earthquakes they punished the children Erda had raised.

For five hundred years has passed since a group of the goddesses followers retreated behind the Gap. Almost twenty years ago, five children were born. They were tested for gifts of the goddess and to enter training. One became a Healer, one a Singer, one a Sensitive and one an Elder. David’s test was conducted by a Teacher who hated him and he was assigned to the lowest class and became a shepherd. Though he accepts this, he is angry especially when some of the talents begin to emerge. He has healed animals and can sense the emotions of others. The five had always talked about leaving the sanctuary.

On the evening of the spring equinox, the four are to be inducted into their specialties. The Elder trainee among them has plans to leave. He invites David to join them. David’s enemy offers to accompany them and is given permission. What will they find when they enter the world? A Seer gives a forewarning. Of the six only four will return. Who will be left behind and why? Can David prove he has at least a touch of all of the talents?

Deborah , the heroine of this book is David's twin sister. She and Paul have fallen in love but because she is a Healer she is forbidden to love. The pair decide to declare their bond before the goddesses believing they will be the ones who will remain in the world.


Debra Doggett said...

I love the elemental aspects of this. Nice post.

Janet Walters said...

Thanks for stopping bu. There will be a second book when I finish a few others that need written