Monday, April 13, 2015

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFWRauthor

Meander 1 - Bike riding season has begun. Today they were riding three or four abreast. Guess that makes them as wide as a car. What happened to single file. I followed them for two blocks at ten miles an hour. When I beeped and tried to indicate they move to single file all I received was the finger. The law here says you can pass them but you must be two feet away from them. That puts the car in the range of the oncoming traffic. I'm sure they want to be fit and all that but sure would be nice if they had some common courtesy. Bike riders - Bah.

Meander 2 - I have lost a book, one I wanted to use for my Wednesday's Writer's Tip feature on the blog. I'm sure one day I will find it but it's not anywhere near the last place I left it.

Meander 3 - I have finished formatting and getting another rights back book for my publisher. This is a great thing. There is one more in this series still to commit to the process and one the publisher already had that will need to be updated and a new cover designed. I hope she will agree or I will have to write four more rather than three. Three is possible. As my husband said, "You will still be writing when you're a hundred." Divided Dreams is going well. I'm adding words to the rough draft.
When that's finished I'll start the Mages of Fyre.

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