Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wednesday's Writer's Tips from From First Draft To Finished Novel - Karen Wiesner #MFRWauthor

Last week we looked at three ways to bring sexual tension into stories. Today we'll look at at least three more.

4.Start the tension at once. From their first meeting, no matter what the sub-genre you're dealing with. This doesn't have to be too up front but you need to show the interest.  This is called setting the stage for the future love scene whether it takes place in the open or behind closed doors, the reader needs to believe these people really want each other and have from the start. By seting the attraction up early you avoid those awkward moments. You don't make the reader think this scene was inserted for no reason at all.

Use your characters senses of sight in particular here. Other senses can also be used. The rasp of a voice, the allure of a perfume. Just show the attraction.

5. Now we come to exaggerated prose. This can destroy the mood, particularly when words are used grandly and bring not sighs of excitement from the reader but giggles. I've read these kind of things in books and I can't help grinning. I'm sure you have too. It's sometimes easy to get caught in using gaudy language to describe something that is nearly undescrible. So if you've found yourself sprinkling these sort of words into your love scenes, back up a bit and tone down the words.

Let the characters try to describe what they're feeling and maybe all they can do is stumble around thinking wow and not being able to describe.

6.  Set the scene. Now this can be easy or hard. Remember the senses. Think of touches, aromas, visions, spoken words or sighs. Use the senses to set the scene for yourself and the reader.  Let yourself as the writer enter the scene and be the characters.

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