Monday, February 2, 2015

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLove

Meander 1 - The world outside is white. We have snow again. I'm glad I do not have to go outside in this mess. Though a trip to the post office is needed I will wait until weather becomes less messy. There is no or little traffic on the street outside. Friday there was an almost traffic jam out there. I imagine schools are not in session this morning.

Meander 2 - Yesterday we had no hot water in the kitchen for what was all day until dinner. This is a chronic condition in this house. Leaving the water dripping all night is the solution. Who knows what the water bill will be for the coming cycle but not having hot water there is a pain. Without hot water, the dishwasher won't work and that means washing dishes by hand. Not my favorite thing boiling water taken from the bathroom, and then figuring how to rinse said dishes. Not my idea of fun.

Meader 3 - WIP in progress is progressing. Still have chapters to re-write and chapters to type into the computer. Then a proof reading will be needed. The Goddesses of Solunda is a different book and I know there will be a sequel. There are ends that must be finalized. The villain lives and he must die and a young prince rescued plus the hero will find a heroine and his sister may find love again. Must think about this as well as find time to get books returned revised to get up. Writing is a never ending battle for time.

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