Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday's Inspiration - Ideas The Spark Starting Fictional Fires- Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLove

All stories begin with an idea. True or false? For me this is true. There is that spark that lights in my thoughts and suddenly I know there will be a book.  There are some writers who say the characters are where they begin their stories. Others say it's the plot. Is this really thepoint?

I'm sitting in my study and there are four of my series, past or present that need another story to bring this to an end. At the moment I'm not sure which one I will begin to plan. There has to be that spark to start the story. There has to be the idea.

Two of the stories are true fantasies. Both deal with fire in some way but I haven't been zapped yet by that spark to make the story suddenly come alive and allow me to follow the spart to the end of the story.

One is a contemporary romance there's a semi spart. This story has to happen outside the hospital. I even know the character's name. She has been in the other stories. Maybe the spark or the idea will come today.

The last is fantasy, maybe. But the world and the people are rather like those of our world except for the talents they possess and the name of their world.

So think back to every story you've written has there been that little or big idea that started you off on the quest to see the characters you've created or the plot you've devised start the journey to the end of the book.

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