Sunday, February 22, 2015

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLove

 Meander 1 - I now have a new Kindle. The operating system seems easy. There's a but. There are more little icons than I need. So I sat down the start the instructions. My first Kindle came with a page that made life with it easy and took me little time to learn to use. Of course there was little I needed to do with it, just turn it on, pull up a book and push a button when I finished the page. This is a touch screen. And yes, It's easy to use. To get back to the instruction manual. There is too much information. I haven't finished the first chapter and my head swims with information. I will master this machine. At 78, I have mastered other machines. All but the new toaster but that's another issue.

Meander 2 - Tomorrow DH heads to start the procedure for surgery on Friday. He has to have a cardiac cath first, Not a big deal except for the contrast dye. I'll worry about that. Then he spends three days in the hospital building him up to have his aortic valve and a bit more of the aorta replaced. For him this means opening the chest. I will be nervous but try not to show it. I have pledged this.

Meander 3 - Writing. Finished The first Goddesses of Solunda. Busted myself silly on this one. In 2 months did 70,000 thousand words and realized I needed to stop  it there when there were a number of ends to be explored. That means another book or maybe 2. Am back to Divided Dreams and tore up a chapter I wrote because I went totally off on a tangent to nowhere. Happens but I'm back on track now. Am also readying 2 rights back books for re-pub hopefully get them to Books We Love in March. They are both part of a series. Different series and I've discovered there needs to be another book in each of the series. It's being called a glutton. I will attempt all these books and hopefully finish them and the long running Dream series before I age out.

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