Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tuesday's Inspiration - The Words of Others #MFRWauthor #BOKSWELOVEAuthor

There's something about the words of others that inspires me to write better. How about you? Do you read as you write? I read constantly but I try not to read what I'm writing. I have friends who only ready contemporary and only write contemporary. The same goes for other genre writers. They talk about knowing the competition. I guess I'm not made that way.

Since I'm the eclectic writer and there are many people who jump around from genre to genre when they are writing. Do they read the way i do. If I'm writing contemporary I'm likely to be reading anything but. Right now I'm writing fantasy and reading contemporary. Sometimes I read a passage and re-read that trying to decide how the author put those words together to make the passage sing. I also read an awkward passage in a story and whoa I think. There's a mistake you don't want to make.

From writer A I've learned how to make a setting come alive. Writer b might show me a new trick about showing a character. This doesn't get copied in my story what I'm inspired is by the flow of the words or the new trick I've learned that will become something different in my story.

Sometimes I read poetry, old or modern. There are things to be learned there. Sometimes I'm reading for research and what I'm reading is dry dull and boring facts but I'm inspired to make this information part of my story.

So look at the words of others and let them inspire you to make your words better and better.

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