Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday - Talking About My Books - Rekindled Dreams by Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLoveAuthor

Now Astrologically this should be the first of the Dream books. The hero is an Aries and of course the heroine is a Cancer. The astrological year starts in the spring with Aries. I began my research and then discovered a title.

Simon is an Aries and as an Aries he would be apt to find a career in where he could fight. Simon is essentially an orphan raised after his parent's death by his mother's sister whose husband tolerated him. As soon as he graduates from high school Simon takes off. He joins the service but he has no contact with anyone except his aunt and tells her not to let anyone know. After his time of service ends he joins the police.

Dana the girl he left behind is nine months pregnant and seven months divorced. She loved Simon but he vanished. She became a nurse but didn't like her career choice so she has taken courses and had just opened a billing service for many of the doctors in Fern Lake.

They meet at the funeral of his dead cousin and her ex-husband.  Simon's anger makes him want to confront her but when he arrives at her car, he discovers she has gone into labor. He drives her to the hospital.

What I was exploring here was could the love from the past be rekindled to make it stronger than it had been when they were teens?

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